Train The Trainer

This training program provides the groundwork for trainers to begin developing and refining their training and facilitation skills using a variety of methods to deliver the best learning experiences and improve learner engagement and retention. Over time, trainers will develop their practical skills further because of this course.

The purpose of the training is to increase trainees’ knowledge, skills & attitude on the active learning strategies needed to effectively communicate training sessions.

Before you can start helping others learn, you must be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to convey information in a compelling manner. In this course, learn how to effectively train in today’s business environment. Ms. Kauser Khan helps you on strategies and techniques for delivering high-quality workplace training that leads to better learner outcomes. She covers developing, planning, and delivering successful training sessions, as well as how to bolster your communication skills and overcome barriers to learning. In addition to preparing you to deliver training sessions, the skills covered in this course can make you more adept at public speaking, coaching individuals, and leading a team.

Train the Trainer Program is offered on  weekends and also as 2 day workshops.

People who are already  trainers can avail this facility to polish their training skills.

People who want to become trainers, and have no experience in training,  can avail a 2- 3 months course to  improve their Communication skills, Presentation skills, Content Development and Public Speaking.


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