Image Consultation 

protocol-bangalore-image-18Image Consulting takes a comprehensive approach, involving all the aspects of image that result in people’s projection of themselves, beginning with the inner image to the outward appearance. Image consulting will typically cover the following points of Appearance, Behavior,Communication skills, Digital footprint and Etiquette.       Projecting a winning image to create a powerful impression is the key to success in personal, professional and social life. The fact is that a person’s image is a combination of several factors, we at PROTOCOL will help people project a winning image in all aspects.

  • Appearance: Consulting about non-verbal communications such as body language, posture, and eye contact | Advise of professional attire | wardrobe and style review
  • Behavior : Giving clients feedback about their habits | Using Psychometric tools to understand ones behavior
  • Communications :Advise on vocal and verbal communications, including voice, vocabulary, and pronunciation | Help in  improve conversation skills (includes icebreakers and topics of conversation) | Coaching for presentation skills/public speaking
  • Digital Footprint : How to create a positive, on-going public presence. | Managing the social Media

The Consultation is on one to one Basis and Our Methodology is a 3 step process viz; I. Analysis   II. Recommendations III. Implementation

The Consultation is tailored to your requirements emphasizing on: Appearance (Color Analysis, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Management, Grooming, Hair, Makeup, Teeth, Breath, Fragrance, Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness) | Behavior (Self Esteem and Confidence, Social and Business Manners, Dining Etiquette) | Communication (Presentation Skills, Relationship Building, Non Verbal Strategies)

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