Spoken English Classes

spoken English

Spoken English is the need of the hour, be it a House wife or a Corporate Employee. Understanding the requirements from our candidates,we have designed a course which caters to the needs of everyone. We have divided the course based on the English Knowledge of the Candidate.You can choose a course right for you.

English Training Basic: This Spoken English Course is for candidates who do not have any prior knowledge of English. This course includes

  • Alphabets
  • Basic Grammar
  • Sentence Construction
  • Spoken English (Different Situations from Everyday Life)
  • Word Building

English Training Intermediate: This  Course is for candidates who know English, can read and write in English but cannot speak English. This course includes

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciations
  • Spoken English – Conversations on Various Situations, Story Narration, Small Group Discussions
  • Listening Skills

English Training Advanced: This course is for candidates who are considerably good in English but want to improve their Fluency, and speak flawlessly.
Business English can also be added to this course if required. This course includes

  • Advance Grammar
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Right Pronunciations
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Listening Skills
  • Non-Verbal Communication

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