Women Specific Programmes


  • Discovering self potential
  • Facing challenges successfully
  • Aligning individual visions and goals of the organization
  • Self improvement as a professional and goal setting
  • Developing a positive attitude, overcoming negative behavior
  • Understanding work culture and adaptation at work place
  • Handling interpersonal skills better
  • Identifying problems and dealing with them confidently
  • Knowing your superiors and work group
  • Reaching up to the expectation of the superiors
  • Developing women mentors in the corporate world
  • Work life Balance
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Grooming and organizational expectation w.r.t., Indian v/s Western counterparts
  • Importance of personal hygiene, its effect on self confidence

Presenting a professional image with tools like – appropriate office make- up, hair style, power dressing/ business attire

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